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Updated: Sep 10, 2019

On Wednesday, August 1, eight eager teams met up with us, to compete in a gaggle of activities and challenges in Downtown Kitchener (DTK). This 90s themed competition was held in support of Send'em Off Smiling. Read along with the flow of the night, to get a sense of what the DTK Quest was all about. As you read, there are some puzzles for you to figure out along the way too!

The night kicked off at the Apollo Cinema, our first sponsored stop. After getting the low down on what they were about to embark on, here's what teams did:

Activity #1 - Homework assignment: Write out the lyrics to No Scrubs, TLC without making any errors. This proved to be a challenge for some teams who had to start over a few times.

Upon completing this activity, they were given their first challenge. The challenge was what led them to their next DTK destination.

Challenge #1 - Using the What3Words app, teams had to find six letters scattered around downtown, then decipher where they were supposed to go next. For example, the 'W' was posted at this What3Words address - rising. spends. villas, which led teams to the Adventurer's Guild Cafe (one of our sponsors).

Can you figure out where they were to go next by unscrambling these letters?

Between challenges, teams had a list of Cha-Ching scavenger hunt items to seek out, carry out, or figure out in four categories. Although there were bonus points for being fast, this was not a challenge of speed, instead, we were looking for the highest score. Carrying out as many of the Cha-Ching items as possible was the best way to earn big points.

The four categories of Cha-Ching points were:

  1. General things to answer between each of the etch-a-sketch letters. For example 'what's the date on the hot air balloon mural?'

  2. Dance party - videos of them doing 90s dance moves with strangers, including the Macarena, which were so dope!

  3. Photos of random things with members of their teams, including a Friends style group shot. A few of those are below.

  4. Decoding 90s song images - Can you guess the three examples below?

Back to challenge #1, if you guessed W-A-L-P-E-R you're right! The Walper Hotel was the second sponsored stop, and location for their second activity.

Activity #2 - In The Lokal bar, on the second floor of The Walper Hotel, teams had a choice between two activities and decide which they could do faster.

  • First option: Finding Waldo on three pre determined pages, or

  • Second option: Throwing 10 points with beanie babies into a corn hole game. (holes were worth 1, 2, and 3 points)

From there, teams were given their challenge #2, which led them to their next stop.

Challenge #2 - This was a two-part challenge.

  • Part one: put names of 90s fads into a crossword puzzle. Five of the letters spelled the word T-A-S-T-E. Do you know some of them pictured below?

  • Part two: using a fortune teller game, figure out which of the many restaurants in Kitchener they were to go to with the word taste in it.

If they answered the fortune teller questions correctly, it told them to go to our next sponsored stop, Taste at the Tannery, for their next activity.

Activity #3 - Once again, teams had a choice between two activities:

  • First option: Using B is for Bourbon as their inspiration (a Taste at the Tannery cocktail) teams had to come up with their own 'Alcobet' and provide a type of alcohol or alcoholic drink name for every other letter of the alphabet.

  • Second option: Memorizing ingredients from one of the mixologists choice drink options.

Upon completion, teams were given their third and final challenge, which led them to their final destination.

Challenge #3 - Teams had to answer about 40 multiple choice 90s trivia questions. Each answer was assigned a value, and their answers added up to the address on King Street where they were to go next.

Do you know the answers to these questions?

Which song are these Spice Girls lyrics from “_____ _____ ____ thank you very much, I need somebody with a human touch”?

A. Stop

B. Wannabe

C. Spice up Your Life

What was the name of the judge who presided over the O.J. Simpson murder trial?A. Ito

B, Kato

C. Shapiro

In the Simpson’s, what were the names of the kids?

A. Bart, Lisa, Marge

B. Bart, Lisa, Maggie

C. Bart, Lauren, Maggie

If answered correctly, all of their answers added up to 179 King Street West, which is the Rhapsody Barrel Bar, our final stop. At that location, each team received a platter of nachos, and ordered drinks as we tallied up the scores.

Thanks to our sponsors we had some slick prizes for the first and second place teams! First place received $200 downtown dollars to spend at any DTK establishment, and 10 passes to the Apollo Cinema. Second place received $100 downtown dollars.

Congratulations to team #LipOffKW who collected the most points in the DTK Quest and awarded first place! They are donating their prize to their own charitable event, which will be taking place on NOVEMBER 15, 2018 @ THE APOLLO CINEMA. Check it out - www.lipoffkw.com

After all was said and done, together we raised $650 for Send'em Off Smiling, which will send about six kids back to school with a new outfit, backpack, shoes, and school supplies. Thank you to the sponsors, and everyone who participated for making this possible!


Downtown Kitchener BIA

Apollo Cinema

The Walper Hotel

Adventurer's Guild Cafe

Taste at the Tannery

Rhapsody Barrel Bar

We look forward to holding another Quest, with a whole bunch of new challenges, Hope to see you there!

Pictured: Lisa (The Flock), Poppy (SOS), Carolyn (The Flock)

Answers to puzzles and questions above:

Songs - Hand in my pocket, Losing my religion, Kissed from a Rose

Trivia - Stop, Ito, and Bart, Lisa, Maggie

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