Day two: 6 things to mention in your invitation

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Here it is, the time to share your party plans with your guests! You've chosen your adorable template from your favourite invitation website - Evite, Punchbowl, Greenvelope, or Paperless Post and you're ready to start collecting RSVPs. On your invitation you've already included the basics like what, where, and when. You've also probably included how to RSVP and when the deadline is.

When your guests receive your invitation, most of them will have some questions going through their mind. So, this additional information will save your guests from anxiety, and save you from answering the same questions over and over.

1. Parking situation - suggest a good place, should they avoid the driveway, is it okay to park in the driveway if there is space? Does your city have specific overnight parking regulations that guests should be aware of?

2. Shoe policy - as Canadians many of us don’t wear shoes indoors, but we may make exceptions for house parties, so this is the perennial party question. If you are a strict shoes off house, let your guests know what to expect in advance so then can plan their outfit accordingly, or bring a pair of slippers if needed. Some guests will plan to bring indoor shoes as part of their outfit, so you want to avoid awkward moments like when Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City yelled “But this is an outfit!” when asked to take her shoes off at a baby shower.

If you don’t mention it, be prepared with a basket of fuzzy socks and slippers near the door.

3. What to wear- casual (does that mean jeans are okay), themed, dressy, do you care?

4. Kid policy - if your friends have kids, are their children welcome to come? Or is this an adults only party?

5. Ask for dietary restrictions - if you ask, you need to be willing to accommodate them. No matter what, it’s better for you to be prepared in advance, than to find out someone can’t eat anything you’ve prepared.

Our Day five blog will include five recipes for great 'everyone-friendly' appetizers!

6. Share what you’re planning for food:

  • If a seated dinner, share the time you're planning to serve dinner at.

  • If a reception, either recommend that they come hungry, or that you'll be providing light refreshments.

  • If your party is a potluck, consider including a link to Sign Up Genius so your guests can sign-up for what they're planning to contribute. This way everyone else can see what others are bringing.

If you don't have space to share all these details on the invite, be sure to send a follow up email closer to the party.

Coming up on Day three - 5 things to include in your party planning budget.

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