Day ten: 5 things required to prepare for an unexpected guest

You’re hosting a party for a bunch of local friends, so obviously you’re not anticipating that anyone will need to stay over. Now it’s the end of your party, you’re feeling pretty good from all your feature cocktails, but your friend's new significant other is too drunk to get in an Uber. In fact, they are passed out and your friend doesn’t know what to do. Are you ready? Did you plan ahead for this?

It never hurts to be prepared for this or any other number of situations that could come up at your party, which causes someone to have to stay over unexpectedly. Be prepared with these five things, so you and your surprise guest will have a good sleep:

  1. Somewhere to sleep with clean linens - If you have a spare room, super! Get it all spruced up with clean sheets and make it welcoming. If you don’t have a spare room, no worries! Ensure that you have a clean set of sheet handy to put on an air mattress or couch.

  2. Extra blankets and pillows - We all have different likes for how many pillows and blankets we need when we're sleeping. Have what you can available.

  3. Towels and washcloths - At some point, your guest will likely need to freshen up, either before bed or in the morning.

  4. New toothbrushes - Never hurts to have an extra one and your surprise guest will truly appreciate this in the morning!

  5. Comfy PJs - sleeping in a sequin outfit or dress pants is never ideal! Have something comfortable that your guest(s) could sleep in.

Day 11 will include 5 last minute hosting hacks.

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