Day eight: 5 last minute hostess gifts to have on hand

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Since you won’t be doing ALL the hosting, or for those of you not doing any hosting - you’ll probably find yourself at someone else’s party. Do give a hostess gift or not? Answer is yes, it’s always a nice gesture to give something to the host. However, plan ahead so you don’t have to stress the day of, in the middle of a snow storm, and you already have to stop for gas.

Consider having some gifts at home, that you yourself will use or enjoy if you don’t end up gifting them. Hey, even wrap them up while you have time. If you don’t give them away, it’ll be a nice little post-holiday treat for you! We’d suggest planning for a few things so you can make a call of what the particular host would appreciate more when the time comes. Ensure that you know a little bit about the host, for example don't give wine to someone who doesn't drink wine, or baking to someone who's avoiding sugar.

Our six ideas are:

  1. Succulent plant - we all love them, they are easy to look after, you can never have too many, and they live longer than flowers

  2. Box of Rheo Thompson Mint Smoothies - you really can’t go wrong with these, especially not in my house! No need to drive all the way to Stratford for them either, check out this link for a retailer near you.

  3. Your baking in a cute tin - do you bake? If so, go out and grab a few cheap tins from the Dollarstore. Homemade baking is like gold for people who don’t do it themselves.

  4. Your favourite bottle of wine - never a bad thing to get ‘stuck’ with!

  5. Luxury or all natural hand cream - thinking of the ones that you can’t get at a drugstore, thinking more along the lines of the ones you’d pick up at the cute little shops in small towns or at a Christmas / Etsy market.

Tomorrow's post will include 5 time saving tricks!

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