Cheers to Beerz(a)!

Thank you to the fantastic group who came out on the Beerza Tour on March 3.

We set out on a beautiful and sunny winter day, with the goals of drinking beer and eating pizza with friends old and new. It’s safe to say that these goals were accomplished! A group of beer enthusiasts, and a few good sports (non beer lovers) hopped on a limo bus to visit, taste, and learn about craft beer in Guelph and Hamilton.

While I could tell you about each stop, the beers we drank, and the amazing pizza we ate, the most memorable part of the day for me, was something totally different. Something spontaneous and unforeseen; something that is a key ingredient to how we see The Flock functioning.

Let’s take a step back and give you a little background so you know what we’re talking about! Three friends had purchased tickets to spend the day together on the Beerza Tour. Unfortunately, as the event got closer, so did the flu bug. Two of the three had to back out at the last minute, leaving the third one with a tough decision. Does she cancel her ticket and miss the event, or take a chance and go solo? Despite best efforts from all parties, the tickets couldn’t be resold, so that brave third friend showed up by herself.

Now, some of you may be thinking ‘I would NEVER go to something like that alone,’ and when we chatted with this solo slinger, she admitted her first thought was the same. Most of us seek comfort in familiarity, so it's often our first instinct to back away from the challenge of stepping outside that comfort zone. As hosts of The Flock, we encourage everyone to attend our events, regardless of if they have someone to join them. With this in mind, our first task of the day was to make sure she was comfortable by introducing her to some of the other attendees. Before we even made it the first stop she had already found common interests with some of the others and the conversations were flowing.

My goal for The Flock is to create a community of individuals, who can enjoy events together, regardless of who they show up with. For anyone who is excited to attend an event and may not have anyone to go with, we encourage you to buy a ticket, because you never know who you’ll meet along the way.

Okay, now that the Beerza Tour recap has gotten really deep, here’s a summary of the rest of the day in photos:

All aboard the limo bus!

First stop Wellington Brewery, Guelph (this flight includes a chocolate milk stout... because it's only 11 am?)

Love the way these guys challenged themselves by taking the bottom blocks out first! Made for some great Boomerangs when they fell.

Lunch stop! Earth to Table Bread Bar, Guelph

The pizza was so amazing! This one is the Vampire Slayer, which we enjoyed with the Bee Sting, Apple Bacon, along with Kale Caesar salad, and skinny fries.

Next beer stop Nickel Brook Brewing Co. , Hamilton where we had some important flight decisions to make.

And the flights have landed!

Waiting for a reaction, does she like it? Yes!

Selfie to my hubby who missed the tour to ski in Whistler (valid reason).

Next stop Collective Arts Brewing, Hamilton

Full beer for the full tour.

Photo worthy canning area. Collective Arts you have the coolest cans!

We stopped at Fairweather Brewing Company, Hamilton before heading home. There was lots of pizza left over from lunch, so it made for a great snack on the bus ride home! And that's a wrap :)

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