frequently asked questions

What do the membership fees cover?

The membership fees allow us to commit our time to organizing and sourcing the best events possible for our members. In return, you'll receive all the benefits of The Flock community, and reduced pricing on events.

Why is there a limit to the number of members?

Keeping a balance between the number of events and members is very important to us. Not only does it ensure that that there are opportunities for all members to attend events, it allows us to provide our members with the best experience possible. This means getting to know you and finding out what social events you are most interested in.

Can I try an event before becoming a member?

Absolutely! You are welcome to attend as many events as you'd like before becoming a member. Sign up for our FlockLetter (a.k.a. newsletter) to stay up to date on what we have coming up next.

Who are members of The Flock?

Our members are busy professionals who like to get out, have a great time, learn something new, and/or meet new people. They see value in the convenience of events being shared directly with them, so they don't have to do any research themselves. Members invite their friends, family, clients, and/or work teams to join them in experiencing Flock events. If this sounds like your kind of people, join The Flock today!

Why become a member?

Becoming a member provides you with advanced notice to all Flock events. This means front of the line access to ticket sales. Flock members benefit from member pricing, which gurantees that you'll save on each event. Check out the membership page for all the other great benefits of being a gold and oyyx members.

Part of my role is to host clients, how can The Flock benefit me?

We're so happy you asked! The Flock makes it easy for you to engage with your clients in an interactive experience, which means you'll stand out from your competition. There are proven benefits to creating memories through shared experience, making our events fantastic for relationsip building. You'll need to know your clients well, to know what will be the most meaningful to them. However, it will pay off for you!

How do I know which membership is right for me?

To help answer this question, we’ll ask what you are looking to get out of the membership?

If your answer is to get out with friends, meet new people, and increase your social circle while embracing new opportunities, then the gold membership would be best for you!

Alternatively, if your answer is to attend impressive small group events with your spouse and friends, host clients with interactive experiences, treat employees to something special, or receive consulting help with your own events, then the onyx membership would be perfect for you!